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Because of our flexibility, SRR can provide training to any agency that wishes to present our courses either by contracting with SRR or by hosting a training session. By doing so, agencies can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in expenses above and beyond the cost of normal tuition and receive either a reduced tuition rate or “free” seats in the class.  Additional training cost considerations such as airfare, lodging, meals, overtime and overtime replacement costs can be minimized, if not eliminated, as well as the sometimes difficult task of having to have training “pre-approved” by non-department personnel. 


Individual agencies or associations can contract with SRR to provide training to its members at a considerably reduced rate from the normal per person tuition cost posted on this site as the administrative costs are reduced with a single point of contact.


Training can also be provided by serving as a host agency in which attendees register with SRR from within the hosting agency’s region or from across the Nation. 

Should you wish to host a training course, SRR will provide the following:

  • All promotional fliers;
  • All administrative functions such as pre-training registration, invoicing, developing class rosters, sign-in sheets, accounts receivable and certificates of completion;
  • Successful marketing strategies;
  • Nationally recognized instructors;
  • Course manuals, material and handouts;
  • An SRR staff member to work directly with a given agency’s contact person;
  • Free training slots based upon the number of paid attendees.

In return for free training slots, a hosting agency responsibilities are to:

  • Provide an adequate training site capable of comfortably sitting 25-50 attendees;
  • Provide teaching tools such as an LCD projector, large viewing screen, TV/VCR, chalkboard or marker board and flip chart with paper;
  • Promote the seminar by advertising through teletype messages, computer messages, phone calls or by faxing fliers provided by SRR;
  • If necessary, provide instructor transportation daily from hotel to the training site and back to hotel at the end of each training day;
  • Provide coffee and refreshments.

All agencies considering either contracting with SRR for training or hosting with SRR for training should ensure that a major airport be located within a one hour drive from the training site and/or the instructor’s hotel.

For additional information or to schedule training, contact us today!

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