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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers ACTAR Examination Preparatory Course
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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers

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“After taking the ACTAR exam several times and not passing, I was having trouble figuring out what I was doing wrong. I found SRR Training hosting an ACTAR Prep Class in December of 2006 in Massachusetts and decided to enroll. The Class was well thought out and the Instructors were great. It covered everything from simple speed formulas to momentum calculations. The hands on portion of the class were also challenging and it made the student think of the crash and how to solve for it. I sat for the ACTAR Examination the same week of the Prep Class and my mind was totally in synch and I passed the Exam.”

Sgt. Garry Moore, Randolph Twp. Police, Randolph, NJ ACTAR # 1444

I originally took the ACTAR exam in August of 2005 and failed miserably. In December,2006, I took SRR Training's first ACTAR prep class, and retook the exam. The prep course not only honed my math skills, but I also learned the proper way to prepare a diagram to the ACTAR standards. I highly recommend this course to any one taking the ACTAR exam.

Sergeant Brian McMasters, Boston MA Police Department, ACTAR 1671

"The ACTAR Prep course is a must for anyone planning on sitting for the exam. There are many ways to ask a question, and without this review, you will see a question that you don't recognize and struggle with the answer. The instructors are "top notch". The interaction amongst the students is something that you can not get by studying on your own. To give this test your best shot, you need this course."

John J. Canney, Brookline MA Police Department, ACTAR #1672

"The ACTAR Examination prep class was an appropriately challenging and comprehensive review of relevant topics and subject matter associated with Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction.  Well organized and thorough with extensive hands-on projects."

Lt. Patrick Doherty, Ret. Amherst, NH Police ACTAR # 1692

"If you are going to sit for the ACTAR exam you have to get into "exam mode". The ACTAR Prep course gets you into that mode. Two of the finest instructors that I have ever had review concepts that you may not have seen for a while; practice techniques that you may not have used for a while and cover subjects, concepts and techniques that you will definitely see on the exam."  

Inspector Martin G. Boisvert, Ret. Lowell, MA Police  ACTAR # 1750, Crashteams Southern New England

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Reggie Redfern and his instructors for incorporating the ACTAR prep class in his curriculum. The course is well presented with the student in mind. It starts off by getting into the basics to refresh the mind and build confidence. Then once the class is on a roll, the test taking strategies are presented and discussed along with math, math and more math. The instructors, Ross and Paul are very knowledgeable and dedicated. In my case, time management was my problem. The instructors stayed after class to help me overcome my slow pace in working the math scenarios. It wasn’t long before they identified my weakness and showed me several techniques to help me manage my time better. These tips and strategies helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass the exam after my previous failure.

This class is also a tremendous network where you don’t feel you are alone in your problem. Your classmates are also a part of the support. Mostly everyone had a problem in one way or another. The student network was also an integral part of sorting out some of the deficiencies and helping to find the solutions. This class is a must for anyone seeking his ACTAR accreditation.

Sgt. Andrew "Chick"  Pisani, Union City, NJ PD ACTAR #1778

"Anyone, regardless of accident reconstruction experience, who really wants to succeed at passing this extremely Taxing Test needs to take SRR's ACTAR Prep class. Ross and Paul are top shelf instructors and present the topics like no one else I've ever been associated with"

Officer Dan Houston, Lowell, MA Police Department ACTAR #1839

"Having taught accident reconstruction at the college level, I was somewhat hesitant to take the SRR's ACTAR Prepatory course--what could it possibly offer that I didn't know?  The answer: How to pass the
exam!  The instructors focus on how to prepare specifically for the exam, honing the specific skills that help you pass.  Frankly, one would be foolish to take the ACTAR exam without taking this course--even if you would pass anyway, you deepen your knowledge with the excellent SRR instruction."

Officer Brian Coon, Wamego, KS Police Department ACTAR #1842


"When I decided to take the ACTAR Test in 2006, it had been a number of years since I had taken the Reconstruction phase of Accdent Investigation, so I felt the ACTAR Prep Class would be a good refresher. The class is set up to show what to expect from the two-phase ACTAR Test and Ross (Panacopoulos) and Paul (Powell) teach the class at a pace to get all the necessary information available out to the students.  I found the Practical Handouts they provided really nailed the Center of Mass problem you need to pass the Practical Phase of the Test.  They also draw from past experiences that others in the class (like myself) have had in past tests to get as much information out about the pending exam.  I highly recommend the Prep Class for anyone taking the ACTAR Test."  

Officer Steve Clarke, Waltham, MA Police Department  ACTAR #1851


"This course not only refreshes topics that have been gone over in previous Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Courses, but allows the students to collaborate and gain knowledge from each other. This collaboration, coupled with the knowledgeable instructors and their desire for you to pass the exam, makes this course a must have if you plan on challenging the exam."

Officer Paul Johnson, Rockwall Police Dept., Rockwall, Texas ACTAR # 1869


In March of 2007, I had attended a Traffic Accident Reconstruction Review Course put on by John Daily.  At the time, the course was a review of advanced techniques in Accident Reconstruction.  After attending the 40 hours course I was confident that I would pass the Actar Examination which was given that following day, as a result, I failed the examination miserably.  After learning that there was a course available through SRR Training that strictly dealt with the preparation of the Actar Exam, I attended and the results were that I passed both the theory and the practical exam.  I would highly recommend that anyone wishing to further themselves in the field of Accident Reconstruction and are wanting to become Actar accredited, this is a must course that will get you over the top.  Thank you Chief Redfern and the instructors Ross and Paul, without your knowledge and expertise I believe I wouldn’t have passed Actar Exam.

Corporal Brian C. Shepherd, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Cincinnati, Ohio ACTAR #1882.


I originally took the exam in the summer of 2007 and was unsuccessful on both portions of the test. I began looking for courses that would get me back in the classroom mode and refresh the skills I had acquired from my original training. I had decided that I did not want to be the guy that took the test over and over. When I found SRR’s course I was initially apprehensive as I had to travel from Mid-Missouri to Natick. When I weighed the cost of the course against traveling and taking the test unsuccessfully I thought it would be worth the gamble. This was definitely a gamble that paid off; SRR gave me the confidence and enhanced my skills through excellent and very knowledgeable instructors to successfully pass the exam. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about taking the ACTAR Exam.

Sgt J.P. Matherne, Jefferson City Missouri Police Department,       ACTAR #1945


" I took the ACTAR Prep course by SRR Training in October of 2008.  This course has the building blocks that one needs to master this craft.  Ross and Paul are thorough and patient.  The exhibits are right on the money. This course puts you in the battleground mode that is needed to attack the test.  I found it to be absolutely necessary in preparing for the ACTAR examination.”

Sgt. J.R.(Ronn) Winn, (Ret.)  Vermont State Police    ACTAR # 1952


"When preparing for the the ACTAR exam, make this course a priority. The four day course covers topics and application skills that may be a bit rusty. It also provides test taking strategies that will prove to be beneficial on test day. The course is taught by two extremely knowledgeable instructors who truly care and want you to pass.  This course should be a priority for all ACTAR candidates."

Officer Mark A. Sole, Tulsa Police Department, Tulsa, Oklahoma  ACTAR #1965


"I highly recommend taking the ACTAR Examination Preparatory Course through SRR Training. This 4 day course is taught by dedicated instructors with a passion for accident reconstruction. The course materials and the individual attention by the instructors is commendable. The course will reinforce your skills while preparing you to take the ACTAR exam."  

Officer David Godwin, Middletown Police Department, Middletown, CT ACTAR # 2082


"I had taken the ACTAR prep course twice. The first time was in 2007, and I viewed this course more as a refresher class having no intention in taking the ACTAR test at the time.  After the class, however, I had set my goals to take the ACTAR exam in 2008. I was fortunate enough to be able to take the ACTAR prep class a second time to further reinforce the material in preparation for the 2008 exam.  In both classes, the two instructors Ross and Paul were outstanding and well-versed in their presentation.  The context of the material was well organized and took you step-by-step through the necessary formulas. With CAD programs today it’s easy to forget the basics especially for the PRACTICAL portion of the exam. ROSS and PAUL spend the time, and with their knowledgeable expertise they give you the confidence to pass.  I highly recommend this course for anyone whose goal it is to pass this exceptionally difficult exam!"


Officer Kenneth J. Moriarty, Holyoke Police Dept. Massachusetts         ACTAR # 2083


"I only wanted to take the test once, so I looked for the most comprehensive prep class I could find.  It was a bit of a gamble because I had to travel across country for the class, but it paid off with a passing score on the first attempt.  I can honestly say I would not have passed the exam without this class.  And now they offer this class across the U.S."

Sam Terry, Crashteams Las Vegas, Henderson, NV  ACTAR # 2068


“Everyone that is planning to take the ACTAR exam should take this ACTAR examination prep class. As a practicing engineer I found it to be an excellent refresher course. It provides a very thorough review of the material and skills that you will need to optimize your chances of passing the exam. For the first part of the exam you will have to work out and answer 75 problems in 4 hours. That’s about 3 minutes per question. This class will get you into “exam mode” so that you can work out and answer the problems quickly and efficiently. For the second part of the exam, you will have to reconstruct an actual accident from the information that is provided. With everyone using CAD these days, you might be rusty on your drawing skills. This course will give you an opportunity to practice your drawing skills and also provides a good review of the concepts and techniques you will need to pass this part of the exam. I strongly recommend this class for anyone that plans to take the ACTAR exam

John W. Mroszczyk, PhD, PE, CSP, Consulting Engineer, ACTAR #2372

Note: To speak with any of these individuals about the course, go to and click on Actar Directory, enter the individual's last name and state and click on search.  You will then see a link connecting you to the individual and their contact information.


This 4-day preparatory course provides reconstructionists with the knowledge and skills necessary, to confidently take the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) Examination.

The ACTAR Examination is a one (1) day two-part examination.  The first part of the examination is a seventy-five (75) question comprehensive written exam covering eleven (11) different areas of crash reconstruction. Of these seventy-five (75) questions, fifty (50) questions are in a true/false format and the remaining twenty-five (25) questions are problem solving or calculation questions. 

In the second part of the examination, students will be faced with reconstructing a hypothetical crash.  The information about the crash will be provided by ACTAR and students will be expected to work individually in relation to accurately answering questions that are posed to them.  

This course has many facets to it, primarily though, it is the goal of the instructors to instill the confidence in the attendees so that they can be prepared to take and pass this examination.  This will be accomplished by:

  • Review of reconstruction principles
  • Table-top exercises
  • Scenario training
  • Field Exercises
  • Presentations
  • Open Group Discussions
  • One-on-One Interaction
  • Practice Tests

Topics to be covered:

  • Traffic Template Usage
  • Basic Physics Concepts;
  • Newton's Laws of Motion;
  • Vehicle Damage Analysis;
  • Perception and Reaction Times;
  • Visibility Assessments;
  • Time and Distance Studies;
  • Airborne Equations;
  • Advanced Measuring; and Diagramming.
  • Lamp Examination
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Tire Marks and Tire Evidence
  • Roadway Evidence Determination, Recording and Preservation
  • Photography
  • Conservation of Linear Momentum;
  • In-line Impacts;
  • Oblique Impacts;
  • Utility Pole Impacts;
  • Multiple Departure Momentum Analysis;
  • Vector Analysis;
  • Pedestrian Collision Reconstruction;
  • Derivation of Equations, Including: Kinetic Energy Formula, Minimum Speed Formula, Combined Speeds, Critical Speed Equation and Yaw Radius Equation.
  • Use of Quadratic Equation;
  • Motorcycle Speed Estimates;
  • Commercial Vehicle Collisions;
  • Fundamentals of Reconstruction Computer Software Programs; and
  • Case Studies.

Required Material:

It is the responsibility of the student to bring a scientific calculator, traffic template (Blue Blitz), 360° protractor, notes and textbooks from previously attended classes.  Pencils, hi-liters and paper will be provided.


Please Note: 

It is the sole responsibility of the individual planning on taking the ACTAR examination to see that the proper application is requested, completed and returned within the timeframe established by ACTAR and to see that all fees required are paid in full.  By offering this course, SRR, assumes no responsibility for the timeliness or accuracy of the previously mentioned ACTAR requirements.



Instruction for Law Enforcement Officers Tuition $ 675 US SRR Traffic
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