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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers

Terrorism Awareness, Response and Proactive Prevention for First responders, Medical Professionals and Security Officials

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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers



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Who Should Attend:  First Responders, Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel, Government Agencies Related to Counter Terrorism, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Teams, Trauma Center Personnel, Hospital Security and Homeland Security Professionals.

Should another terrorist attack occur on our soil, state and local firefighters, police, emergency medical technicians, urban search and rescue teams, hospital security personnel, medical professionals and public health specialists are the front line of response. How knowledgeable they are prior to an event, may actually prevent or mitigate the number of lives lost and injuries sustained following an attack, including their own.

The people who are first on the scene, when a terrorist incident is unfolding or has occurred, should be our Nation's highest priority.  In order to assist them, our policymakers and others must first understand the requirements and needs of emergency responders, so they are better prepared to face the challenges posed by a terrorist event.  The next step starts with training.

This course provides analysis and insight into a number of cross-cutting issues as it focuses on the terrorist threat environment, not by numerous studies and federally funded projects, but by individuals that were actually there both during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the attack on September 11, 2001.  Their experience during and following the attacks is invaluable and their dedication to the first responders who died, survived and especially the well-being of those who prepare themselves daily for the possibility of another attack, is the primary focus of this 2-day course.


Workshop Content:

  • Terrorism:  An Historical Perspective
  • Understanding Middle Eastern Culture
  • Islam, Jihad, and the Truth
  • Target America:  Why Terrorists Target the US and Other Countries
  • Foresight and Warning:  There is no Failure in the World of Jihad
  • Recent Terrorist Plots in America Since 9-11-01
  • Pre-Incident Indicators of a Terrorist Attack
  • The 7 Signs of Terrorism
  • Identifying Terrorists in your Midst
  • Counter-terrorism Strategies
  • Why Hospitals and Government Buildings are so Attractive to Terrorists
  • Target Hardening for Hospitals, Critical Infrastructures, and Government Buildings
  • NYPD's Operation Nexus:  A Great Prevention Idea for any Agency
  • Response to a Terrorist Attack:  Considerations, Reality, and Procedure for First Responders
  • Incident Management System
  • Al Qaeda: An Analysis Through their Training and Manual
  • Safety and Survival
  • Counter-terrorism Resources




Det. Sgt. Peter Caram (Ret.)

Det. Sgt Peter Caram, (Ret.) Port Authority Police Department of New York/New Jersey (PAPD), former commander and creator of the PAPD Counter-terrorism Unit.  This unique unit was responsible for conducting vulnerability studies throughout the Port of NY/NJ district and was responsible for investigating terrorism and target hardening for the PAPD and its vast properties, bridges, tunnels, airports, buses, trains and related ports and transportation systems in the NY/NJ region.  The unit collected terrorist information and conducted proactive counter-terrorist investigations in conjunction with the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force and affiliated law enforcement agencies.   Sgt. Caram retired after 25 years of service that were primarily spent in the counter-terrorism intelligence field developing intelligence operations and training programs for the Port Authority Police Department.

During his career, Sgt. Caram was cross-designated as a Deputy United States Marshal, a member of he Joint Terrorist Task Force, a special agent with the US Customs Office of Investigations, and a Special Agent with the US. Drug Enforcement Administration. He co-founded (ALEAN) Airport Law Enforcement Network, an organization dedicated to the exchange of criminal and terrorist intelligence information to insure the safety of the traveling public throughout the United States and Internationally.

He was the primary representative to (MAGLOCLEN) Middle Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Network and is a member of the International Counter-Terrorist Officers Association and author of The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing: Foresight and Warning, There is No Failure in the World of Jihad, published just after the tragedy of 9/11.  This work has become required reading in many criminal justice courses at universities and police academies. He has been a guest on many television and radio programs as an expert on fundamentalist-terrorism and has been consulted frequently by many governmental agencies including the US Department of State Middle Eastern Crisis Desk.  Sgt. Caram currently teaches Criminal Justice related courses at Rutgers University in New Jersey.



Sgt. Lou Savelli (Ret.)

Sgt Lou Savelli, (Ret.) NYPD retired in 2004 as one of the most decorated officers in NYPD history. He was the Detective Squad Commander of the Terrorism Interdiction Unit (TIU) which was formed on 9/11/01.  It's mission:  investigate the attacks on the World Trade Center and seek out Al Qaeda sleeper cells operating in the United States.   Following his retirement, his former unit, the NYPD Terrorism Interdiction Unit (TIU), was responsible for uncovering the New York Subway System Terror Plot in 2004.  The TIU is now the model for proactive counter-terrorism units in major cities across the United States.   

Prior to the TIU, Sgt. Savelli was the Detective Squad Commander of the Gang Division Major Case Squad.  This unit was created from the NYPD's first Citywide Anti-Gang Enforcement (CAGE) Unit.  The CAGE Unit was created by Sgt. Savelli in 1996 and because of its success, it was recognized as the Most Effective Gang Unit in the United States.  As a Detective, he was a member of the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force where he specialized in money laundering cartels and international drug trafficking organizations such as the Cali Columbian Drug Cartel. In fact, he and his drug unit made the Largest Cash Seizure in World History to date:  $20 million dollars. In addition, he is co-founder and current first vice-president of the East Coast Gang Investigators Association. 

Sgt. Savelli was twice awarded Supervisor of the Year out of 20,000 supervisors of all ranks and named ne of NYPD's Top 10 Most Effective Leaders. 


Instruction for Law Enforcement Officers Tuition $ 300   US SRR Traffic
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