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  Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers
Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Street Drug Interdiction Tactics
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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers



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Every community has a drug problem that becomes a law enforcement challenge.  How effectively an agency deals with that challenge depends on a number of factors including personnel, money, public support and direction.  One thing is for sure, if it is not dealt with, more serious challenges will arise. 

This comprehensive course is taught by three of the most successful narcotics officers in the history of the NYPD.  Over the course of two days, they will share with you their successes, as well as their mistakes for one purpose and one purpose only: to make you more effective. Upon completion of the course, you will have learned tactics that you will be able to apply as soon as your next tour of duty as well as be cognizant of personal survival techniques in one of the most dangerous of all areas in law enforcment: drug interdiction.

This course focuses on identifying and interdicting street drugs through proactive methods designed to be deployed during regular street patrol, traffic operations, observations, short term investigations, and any type of law enforcement operation in the streets and communities affected by drugs.  Vehicle stops, field interviews, innovative observation techniques, street drug recognition, and sources of information will be explored and exposed to teach the attending officers to be effective drug interdiction officers.


This course includes many topics, such as:           


  • Street Drug Recognition
  • Identifying a drug courier
  • Identifying a street drug operation
  • Street Drug Interdiction Techniques
  • Identifying drug stash locations
  • Conducting short term drug investigations
  • Drugs and related crimes
  • Utilizing and cultivating sources of information
  • Recognizing a residential or storefront drug operation
  • Hidden Compartments associated with drug transportation
  • Vehicle stops, field interview stops, and knock and talk

Who should attend: Any law enforcement officer who wants to be proactive in the fight against the drug problem in their jurisdiction Patrol, Crime Prevention, Community Policing, Investigators, Narcotics Investigators, Traffic, Federal Agents, etc…




Det. Sgt. Lou Savelli (Ret.)

Lead Instructor:
Det. Sgt. Lou Savelli, NYPD, retired in 2004 as one of the most decorated officers in NYPD history.  He was the Detective Squad Commander of the Terrorism Interdiction Unit (TIU) which was formed on 9/11/01.  It's mission:  investigate the attacks on the World Trade Center and seek out Al Qaeda sleeper cells operating in the United States.  Prior to the TIU, Sgt. Savelli was the Detective Squad Commander of the Gang Division Major Case Squad.  This unit was created from the NYPD's first Citywide Anti-Gang Enforcement (CAGE) Unit.  The CAGE Unit was created by Sgt. Savelli in 1996 and because of its success, it was recognized as the Most Effective Gang Unit in the United States.  Sgt. Savelli was twice awarded Supervisor of the Year out of 20,000 supervisors of all ranks and named one of NYPD's Top 10 Most Effective Leaders.  As a Detective, he was a member of the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force where he specialized in money laundering cartels and international drug trafficking organizations such as the Cali Columbian Drug Cartel. In fact, he and his drug unit made the Largest Cash Seizure in World History to date:  $20 million dollars. In addition, he is co-founder and current first vice-president of the East Coast Gang Investigators Association. 


Instruction for Law Enforcement Officers Tuition $ 299 US

SRR Traffic


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