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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Recon Refresher: Time/Distance and Avoidance
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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers


Bicycle Crash



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This class is eligible for 12 ACTAR CEU's. 


A vehicle traveling 45 mph strikes a crossing pedestrian in a 35 mph zone.  Is the speed alone significant enough to convict the operator?  What if he was traveling the posted speed limit?  Would the collision still occur?  Could he have avoided the collision?  This will be the contention of a defense law team.  If you have not already ruled out these possibilities and completed an analysis at 35 mph, you may be convicting a person that has entered a no-win situation as a result of the pedestrian’s own inappropriate actions.

Time/Distance & Avoidance will take you to that extra step beyond a speed calculation to the what if scenario in any type of collision environment.  The course will be an intensive math application to rule out all avenues of the collision and any variable which an opponent's reconstructionist may portray. 

This class is designed for the reconstructionist that has a strong knowledge in the application of equations related to reconstruction with little experience in a time/distance analysis.  A review of basic time/distance equations are given to insure all participants have a fundamental understanding of the principles necessary to conduct a proper reconstruction of a collision.  Students are introduced to avoidance equations designed for the reconstruction of a time/distance analysis.  Application and knowledge of the equations are further developed through mathematical scenarios as well as numerous case scenarios that will be brought before the class to calculate and discuss in an open forum.  In addition, students are provided with a comprehensive manual written by the instructor.

This course includes many topics, such as:    

  • Definition of time/distance analysis
  • Avoiding the threat of a "what if" situation by a defense attorney
  • Types of time/distance reconstructions
    • Both parties at a constant rate
    • One party accelerating
    • One party decelerating
    • Both parties decelerating
    • Visual obstruction/Perception and reaction
  • Review of math used in a time/distance reconstruction
    • Accelertion/Deceleration Equations
    • Time Equations used during acceleration/deceleration
    • Visual obstruction equations
  • Case Studies

Note: Students need to bring a ruler and a scientific calculator.


Instructor: Mike Allard, is a 23-year veteran of law enforcement and currently serves as his department’s Highway Safety Officer.  In addition, he performs vehicle and pedestrian collision    analysis and reconstruction, latent print recovery, fingerprint classification and comparison, buccal DNA recovery, crime scene investigation, evidence collection and chief mapping and diagramming  officer.  He is also a certified Master CAD Zone and LTI instructor, teaching municipal, county and state law enforcement officers throughout the Northeast.





Instruction for Law Enforcement Officers Tuition $ 279 US

SRR Traffic


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