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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Operation Gun Stop: Successful Strategies for Combatting Illegal Guns and Gun Violence
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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers


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Illegal Firearms: Access and Use by Arrestees, a study funded by the National Institute of Justice of 7,000 arrestees in 11 major urban areas revealed the ease in which arrestees could obtain a firearm. More than half of the arrestees, 55%, said that guns are easy to obtain, 37% indicated they could obtain a gun in less than a week and 1 in 5 suggested they would need only 1 day or even less time, adding credibility to the notion that the urban firearms market is quite accessible.

Violent crime, through the use of firearms, is more prevalent here in the United States than any other country in the world and is a major public concern. Despite tough gun control laws, the illegal sale of firearms is a prosperous business and closely related to gangs and the illicit narcotics trade. It goes without saying that guns are the tools of those who prosper in these venues and are used to bring about intimidation, control and in many cases death. How these weapons make their way into the hands of these individuals, and how these same individuals are exposed and arrested is the focus of this course. While another individual may just take their place, law enforcement’s goal should be to remove not only the weapons, but the street dealers as well who may constitute the single greatest method of illegal firearms distribution.

Operation Gun Stop, created by the NYPD, has removed literally thousands of guns from the streets of New York, caused hundreds of arrests to have been made and filled prison cells with criminal gun dealers and users. Any community that has gangs and drugs have illegal guns. Based upon Operation Gun Stop, this course provides command staff, detectives, special units and patrol officers the opportunity to aggressively attack the illegal firearms problem from a number of multifaceted approaches. As no city can solve this challenge by themselves, a regional, as well as local approach is stressed including Federal, state and municipal agencies along with community leaders.

This course includes many topics, such as:             

Guns & Gangs, Drugs and Terrorists
Street Sales
Straw Purchases
Concealed Weapons
Hidden Compartments
Search Warrants for Illegal Firearms
Successful Investigation Strategies
Working with Informants
Multi-jurisdictional Investigations
Undercover Buy Operations
Tracing Seized Weapons
Apprehension of Firearms Perpetrators
Regional Firearm Tracking Units
Officer Safety and Survival


Who should attend:      Command staff, detectives, gang units, narcotics units, community police officers, school resource officers, patrol officers, corrections officers, parole officers, probation oficers, Federal Agents and any law enforcement officer who wants to learn effective operations to use against street level gun dealers and gun users. 



Lead Instructor: Det. Sgt. Lou Savelli, NYPD, retired in 2004 as one of the most decorated officers in NYPD history.   Sgt. Savelli was the Detective Squad Commander of the Gang Division Major Case Squad.  This unit was created from the NYPD's first Citywide Anti-Gang Enforcement (CAGE) Unit.  The CAGE Unit was created by Sgt. Savelli in 1996 and because of its success, it was recognized as the Most Effective Gang Unit in the United States.  In its first full year of existence, the CAGE Unit, focusing on illegal guns and consisting of only ten officers under the supervision of Lou Savelli, executed 100 Search Warrants, and seized 500 illegal guns. Sgt Savelli now teaches advanced gun apprehension and seizure techniques to street crime units, gang units, and street cops across the US and Canada.  Sgt. Savelli was twice awarded Supervisor of the Year out of 20,000 supervisors of all ranks and named one of NYPD's Top 10 Most Effective Leaders.  In addition, he is co-founder and current first vice-president of the East Coast Gang Investigators Association. 

Instructor:  Detective Joseph Rosario, is a 14 year veteran of the NYPD. He has excelled in proactive street units such as the NYPD’s elite Street Crime Unit, the Citywide Anti Gang Enforcement (CAGE) unit, and the Organized Crime Control Bureau’s Manhattan North Narcotics Unit and Bronx Narcotics Unit. Detective Rosario was a member of the Firearms Investigation Unit (one of the only units doing long-term firearm trafficking operations in the nation). He has trained numerous members of the NYPD in firearms investigations, concealed compartments in vehicles, and street tactics. He is a highly decorated officer receiving both the Combat Cross and the Medal of Valor by the NYPD as well as numerous commendations from the DEA, ATF and U.S Attorney’s office. He is currently investigating robberies, shootings and homicides. Detective Rosario has been the lead investigator in many successful firearms trafficking, international drug trafficking, money laundering, counterfeit money, RICO and CCE investigations with many local, state and government agencies.


Instruction for Law Enforcement Officers

Tuition $299

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