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SRR Training is happy to provide law enforcement officers across the Nation a free monthly newsletter covering a number of different topics of interest.  Our goal is to provide a source of timely and valuable information that law enforcement officers can look forward to receiving.  The source of this information will come from many of our instructors, from officers themselves and from other reliable sources. If you are interested in writing an article for the newsletter, read on.

Newsletter Article Submission Guidelines

I have a friend who is the president of a major corporation and he said to me one day that, "You guys" ( law enforcement) don't realize how lucky you are, because if "you" want to learn how to do things better, or be more successful, all "you" have to do is pick up a phone and call another department, anywhere, and that department would be happy to share their successes with you.  He then said to me, "Can you imagine me calling my most successful competitor and asking him to share with me his secrets?"  My answer was obvious.  He was right, we are willing to share.  Hopefully this newsletter will generate those phone calls!

As this is a newsletter for law enforcement officers, we do not expect submissions to be penned by award winning authors. That's not our area of expertise, but If you have submitted articles before to magazines, journals or other newsletters, then we are sure you have the capability to meet our standards.  Even if you have not, this may just be your start.  Your article has to be credible. It has to be believable. If not, your readers will see through it.  Remember, who your audience is.

Before you write your article, please give us a call (413-527-6072) and let us know what you are planning on writing about.  If you are considering writing an article about DNA applications dealing with sexual assaults, we don't want you to write one if we already have one or two articles ready to be published.  However, you might want to modify your article to discuss DNA collection and the role of the patrol officer.

Please limit articles from 500 to 2,000 words.

Please write any articles in a Times New Roman font and a font size of 12.    After your article is written, please submit a floppy disc or CD-RW that includes the text of your article in Microsoft Word, along with any photos, and place in the mail or send it by email to In addition to your article, please include a biographical sketch about yourself, such as your name, rank or title, agency, email address and complete mailing address as well as your actual experience in the area in which you are writing and a summarization of what the article is about. You can mail them to:

SRR Traffic Safety Consulting

198 East Street

Easthampton, MA 01027

Please try to stay away from union/management type articles.  Just as there are now no smoking areas, we want to keep this newsletter a no grievance area.  We also want to avoid politics, religion and sensationalism

When you do write, please do so in the third person, not the first or second.  Nobody wants to read an article that
includes, "I did this and I did that."  Let us know what your agency did and the results it received.  We really want to know. Therefore, articles should be explanatory and not "war stories." Quotations should be kept to a minimal as well.

If you are writing an article addressing products or technology it should be generic in nature.  We realize that everyone has a favorite brand of equipment, but we don't want to get in the middle of any controversy between one or more well respected vendors so please do not promote a specific product or manufacturer versus another. As new products come on the market, we will be happy to let our readers know about them.

On last thing, articles must be your original work, previously unpublished, and not simultaneously submitted to another publisher or newsletter.  We reserve the right to edit and revise articles for inclusion in the newsletter. 


Photo Guidelines

Every picture tells a story and every story needs pictures.  If you are planning on submitting and article, please submit a minimum of six (6) pictures that illustrate what the article is speaking of so that we can incorporate them.  We want the newsletter to to be interesting and pictures do that.  As much as we would like to, if we don't have pictures, we cannot publish the article. If you are not sure what type of pictures to use, speak to others in your department, such as a crime scene photographer who may even take the pictures for you or give us a call. 

While we can accept photos in a wide range of formats, digital is the preferred choice.  Please be sure the photos are color, no black and white, sepia or other special effects and no polaroid style prints. Pictures should be directly related to the article, not poses and officers should be in uniform unless of course the article is about plainclothes operations. 

All photos should be shot in 600 dpi (dots per inch) and files must be saved as tiff, eps, pdf or jpg format.

Topics Calendar

2005 Newsletter Topic Calendar

June - Forensics

Special Focus:  Small and Medium Sized Agencies


July - Gangs

Special Focus:

August - Crash Reconstruction

Special Focus:

September - Terrorism

Special Focus: The Role of Local Law Enforcement


October - Traffic Safety

Special Focus: Enforcement


November - Corrections

Special Focus:


December - Criminal Investigations

Special Focus:



Topics Calendar


January - College and University Police

Special Focus: Professionalism and Beyond


February - Supervision

Special Focus: New Sergeants

March - Narcotics

Special Focus: 

April - Management

Special Focus:

May - Patrol

Special Focus:


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