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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Narcoterrorism: The Mexican/Latino Connection
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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers


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The presence of a Mexican Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) in New England represents an organization attempting to evade detection by centering its operations outside of the mainstream, out of the more traditional points of distribution, larger more populated metropolitan areas. In addition, the organization's membership in the Mexican Mafia, or La Familia, represents the migration of that criminal organization into an area already plagued by violent street gangs. The organization in question, gone unchecked, will continue their ever surging supply of cocaine, marijuana and other narcotics to dealers in New England. Furthermore, the organization could supply, and possibly, recruit members of violent street gangs operating in New England. These gangs are involved in the lower level wholesale and retail distribution of narcotics and the violence associated to that distribution. The national impact of the DTO is clear. Those criminal activities continue to have a disparate impact on the quality of life in affected cities, and an increase in the flow of illegal narcotics will only work to increase the referenced violence.

The objectives of these investigations are to arrest, prosecute, convict members of these conspiratorial DTO’s, and seize narcotics and the narcotic proceeds.  In addition, investigators are seeking to seize all assets accumulated from their criminal enterprise. In doing so, we will ultimately disrupt and dismantle these DTO’s from the local level, all the way up to the source country, Mexico. 

 Who should attend:  Narcotic officers, investigators, supervisors, correctional officers, patrol, probation and parole officers

Lead Instructor:. Sgt. Lou Savelli, NYPD, retired in 2004 as one of the most decorated officers in NYPD history.   Sgt. Savelli was the Detective Squad Commander of the Gang Division Major Case Squad.  This unit was created from the NYPD's first Citywide Anti-Gang Enforcement (CAGE) Unit.  The CAGE Unit was created by Sgt. Savelli in 1996 and because of its success, it was recognized as the Most Effective Gang Unit in the United States.  Sgt. Savelli was twice awarded Supervisor of the Year out of 20,000 supervisors of all ranks and named one of NYPD's Top 10 Most Effective Leaders.  In addition, he is co-founder and current first vice-president of the East Coast Gang Investigators Association. 

Instructor:  Det. Alfredo Kulian, NYPD, retired, Terrorist Unit

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