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  Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers
Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Internal Affairs:  Legal, Operational and Community Issues Course
Instruction for Law Enforcement Officers Tuition $ 299 US per attendee          SRR Traffic
Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers


Hosting Agency: NESPIN
Location of Training:

124 Grove Street

Franklin, MA 02038

Dates: November 13-14, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

7:30AM - 8:00AM

Recommended Hotel: TBD
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Not many individuals find themselves overjoyed knowing they have been assigned to internal affairs or overseeing an IA Unit. However, the integrity of our organizations requires a process for investigating allegations of misconduct against its employees. IA is a fact-finding entity and its purpose is three-fold: 


Protection of the Public 

Protection of the Department 

Protection of the Employee   

While some larger agencies have units dedicated to this task, many smaller agencies do not. Some do not even have policies or procedures as to how an investigation should be committed and those investigating allegations may not be aware of the rights the accused officer may have before and during an investigation. This course reviews those rights, provides guidelines as to how to properly conduct an investigation and addresses issues that can enhance an agency's professionalism or create total distrust.    

Who should attend: This course is designed for senor executives and middle management.     

Topics of instruction will include:    


  • Integrity and the role of internal affairs in law enforcement organizations 
  • Matters and behaviors subject to internal investigations 
  • Abuse of authority 
  • Occupational deviance 
  • Private/off-duty conduct 
  • Fundamental constitution rights, 5th Amendment/Article 12; 4th Amendment/Article 14 
  • Immunity statutes and immunity case law as applied to police officers/LEOs in general and Massachusetts in particular 
  • Garrity 
  • Kastigar 
  • Carney 
  • Darmody & Baglioni   
  • Interview/Interrogation of subject and witness police officers    
    • Weingarten rights 
    • Contractual issues 
    • Interview methods 
    • Employee workplace searches 
    • Employee status pending investigation and disposition     


  • Structure/staffing of internal affairs unit 
  • Accountability within organization 
  • Processes 
    • Intake 
    • Classification 
    • Investigation 
    • Adjudication and Disposition 
    • Early Intervention Systems     


  • Civilian oversight panels 
  • Education and outreach 
  • Access to complaint process 
  • Communication with complainants     


  • Untruthfulness and dishonesty/Giglio and Brady 
  • Polygraph 
  • Training 
  • Union issues 
  • Public access to IA records 
  • Tort claims and civil suits 
  • Employee involved domestic violence  
  • Sexual harassment cases 
  • Freedom of speech issues 
  • Officer-involved discharges 
  • Fitness for duty determinations 
  • Novel approaches     

Instructor: Lt. Robert "Bob"Harrington started his career as a patrol officer with the Boston Police in 1983 and currently serves as the Commander of the Special Investigations Unit, Major Case Division. Lt. Detective Harrington has also served as the Chief of the Bureau of Professional Standards and the Chief of the Bureau of Internal Affairs. Starting in 1988 and until now he has been an instructor at the Boston Police Academy teaching such topics as


Search Warrant Law and Execution / Misconduct Complaint Avoidance / Police Officer’s Rights and Disciplinary Procedures / Ethics in Policing / Municipal Law / Supervisory Liability / Public Integrity Issues / Court Procedures / Investigating Officer-Involved Firearm Discharges / Investigative Report Writing / Homicide and Death Investigation / Legal Issues in High Risk Warrant Service / Critical Incident Command Legal Issues / Integrity Issues In Trial Preparation and Testimony / Handling Confidential Informants 

Lt. Det. Harrington has extensive experience in the field of Internal Affairs and was a contributing author of “Standards and Guidelines for Internal Affairs: Recommendations for a Community of Practice”  

Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S. Department of Justice, 2009 

Lt. Harrington is now a member of the Harvard University Police Department.


Instruction for Law Enforcement Officers Tuition $299 US per attendee SRR Traffic
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