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  Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers
Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Identifying and Interdicting Suicide Bombers and Active Shooters
Instruction for Law Enforcement Officers Tuition $ 299 US per attendee          SRR Traffic
Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers



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Between the current threat from ISIS and the ever-looming threat from Al Qaeda, especially in the wake of the Paris attacks, coupled with the potential of mass killings, it was never more important to be able to Identify and Interdict Suicide Bombers and Active Shooters. This dynamic and unique training class will instruct law enforcement to be proactive in the endeavor to identify, prevent and interdict such incidents.

This 2-day class brings highly experienced experts in the field of Suicide Bombings and Active Shooters together into one highly sought-after training event designed for proactive law enforcement officers. 

This class will cover Suicide Bomber topics, such as:

  • Suicide Bomber Case Studies (Paris, Mumbai, Israel, etc...)
  • Behavioral Pattern Recognition (BPR), 
  • Best Practices developed in Israel but Modified for the US,
  • Situational Personal Cultural and Third Party (SPCT) Techniques
  • Profiling terrorists for behavior and cause
  • Casualty Mitigation
  • Potential Target Fortification

This class will cover Active Shooter topics, such as:

  • Case Studies of Active Shooters (Terrorists, School Shooters, Workplace Killers, etc...)
  • Preventive Countermeasures 
  • Recognizing Behavioral Indicators of Active Shooters
  • Proactive Active Shooter Interdiction and Response (PASIR) tactics
  • Minimizing Casualties
  • The importance of training
  • Aftermath actions


Det. 1st Grade (Ret.) Mordecai Dzikansky, NYPD Intelligence Division (retired). From January 2003 through September 2007 Detective Dzikansky was posted in Israel as the first NYPD Intelligence Division Overseas Liaison to the Israel National Police. His main focus was intelligence gathering and the immediate relay of key information back to NYC to enhance the Department’s ability to recognize, react to and prevent or recover from terrorist acts. He responded in person to and analyzed 21 bombing scenes in Israel and several attacks globally, including events in Turkey, Russia, Spain and Egypt. Detective Dzikansky worked with senior members of the Israeli intelligence community on joint investigations which connect NYC and the State of Israel. In 2009, his works The Phenomenon of Suicide Bombings in Israel: Lessons Learned and Transportation System Vulnerabilitieswere published in Countering Terrorism, National Academy of Sciences. In October, 2010 his memoir Terrorist Cop: The NYPD's Jewish Cop Who Traveled the World to Stop Terrorists was published by Barricade Books. In October, 2011 his textbook Terrorist Suicide Bombings: Attack Interdiction, Mitigation, and Response, was published by Taylor and Francis Group/CRC Press. 



Investigator Matthew J. Cresta, Delaware County PA District Attorney’s Office

Matt Cresta is currently an investigator with the Delaware County, PA Criminal Investigations Division and a former 15 year veteran police officer/detective with the Lower Merion Township Police Department.  He has served in a variety of assignments including Patrol Division, Special Investigations Unit, Emergency Response Team (SWAT), and Special Operations Unit. He possesses instructor certifications in firearms, less lethal weapons, and ‘Active Shooter’ tactics. Matt has been a police instructor for High Risk Entry Tactics, Active Shooter Tactics and Undercover Operations.  Matt has a total of 20 years police experience.  He has three years active duty service with the U.S. Army as an Airborne Infantryman, which included two years of deployment overseas with participation in the Persian Gulf War and the reunification of Germany. Matt is an Assistant Professor with Harcum College and is currently teaching Criminal Justice in his off-duty time. 


Who should attend: Law Enforcement Only



Instruction for Law Enforcement Officers Tuition $299 US per attendee SRR Traffic
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