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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers
Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers  
Instruction for Law Enforcement Officers Tuition $ 399 US SRR Traffic
Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers



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"CRASHSTAT" (a combination of the words CRASH & STATISTICS) is not a program that depends on grants or extra resources to accomplish a goal.  "CRASHSTAT" is a paradigm.  In this course you will learn how efficiency can be improved, and how resources should be maximized. 

This workshop is designed for State, County, and Local Law Enforcement Officials, Department of Transportation/Public Works Administrators, Educators, Data Collection/Analysis or Researchers, who are interested in enhancing and developing a comprehensive traffic safety program to serve as an effective means to reduce crashes, their related injuries and fatalities.  The program is easily adaptable to fit in with state, county, or municipal governments and individual police department policies and procedures.  Implementation of similar programs have served to not only positively motivate personnel, but to help agencies that never talked to one another before, became partners in public safety.  When this type of a program gets started within multiple jurisdictions, it can present a win-win scenario to any and all of the agencies that become involved.

One of the challenges for law enforcement administrators these days is to find a way to successfully allocate traffic enforcement resources in light of competing demands and decreasing funds.  Traffic enforcement is often viewed in direct competition with criminal enforcement.  However, as traffic stops increase so does the probability that an officer will identify other criminal activity.  Recent practices show that these two roles can be combined to produce significant results in both areas in a highly cost-effective manner.  This course discusses ways to to use traffic enforcement as a foundation upon which agencies may help to reduce crashes.

Following implementation of a "CRASHSTAT" program, law enforcement commanders, department of transportation/public works administrators, educators, data collection/analysts or researchers will be able to show that:

  • Traffic enforcement is primarily a crime-fighting tool.  But proper and targeted enforcement at selected locations can make an impact on reducing crashes, their related injuries and fatalities.
  • Traffic enforcement is every officer's responsibility, even if there is a dedicated traffic unit in your command; agencies don't have to rely solely on these specialized units.  Every member of an agency must be an equal partner in order to help reduce traffic crashes.
  • Traffic Enforcement is Law Enforcement

Workshop Content

  • Introduction
  • Crash Reporting
  • Crash Data Analysis
  • Enforcement Analysis
  • The Traffic Safety team
  • Traffic Incident Management
  • Traffic Safety Plan
  • Traffic Intelligence Reports
  • Crash Reduction Strategies
  • Traffic Safety Resources
  • "CRASHSTAT" Overview & Preparation
  • "CRASHSTAT" Meeting
  • "CRASHSTAT" Critique
  • Conclusion

"This course reinforces to officers the importance of preparing a proper crash report.  What they do is important.  I found this concept very interesting to understand and I have a foundation to take it to the next level.  Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable and presented the program in a "Down to Earth" format. Thanks." 

Sgt. Paul W. Thompson, Natick, MA Police Department

Instructors had an unbelievable level of knowledge.  Excellent information, great training! 

Officer Paul McNamara, Fitchburg, MA Police Department

"This was one of the best classes ever sponsored by SRR.  These guys are for real! I really liked this class.  I will use things I learned from them. Great job! 

Officer Bernie Schipelliti, Burlington, MA Police Department



Instruction for Law Enforcement Officers Tuition $ 399 US SRR Traffic
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