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Srr Traffic courses for law enforcement officers

Certification Training Officer (CTO) Certification

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This class has been approved by the State 911 Department in Massachusetts


Course Description:

Training is a challenge even for the best instructors, and a challenge it should be so that those we are training, are receiving the most informative, current, and professionally applicable knowledge they need for the task they are assigned to. This course includes Adult Learning Principles, Instructional Techniques and Liability, Creating and Implementing Lesson Plans, Utilizing Testing Devices, Correctly Writing Evals and DORs, writing and referencing a SEG,  and more.

( NOT APCO – but meets CALEA & APCO standards )


Workshop Content:


Day 1  

a. Instructor


b. Expectations

History of CTO  
Why do We Need Certified CTOs  
Standardizing your CTO program?  
What do Your Trainees Expect?  
Understanding Training Jargon  
Instructor Ethics  
Liability of Instructors  
Training and the American Disabilities Act  
Principles of Learning  

a. Adult Learning Concepts


b. How Adults Learn


c. Bloom's Taxonomy


d. Kinesics


e. How You Say It

Generations in the Classroom  

a. Generations Gaps


b. Generation Problems in Training


c. 10 Biggest Trainer's Sins

Day 2  
Mastering Clear Instruction  
CTO Handbook  

a. Rapport


b. Respect


c. Trainee Needs


d. Enthusiasm


e. Communication Skills


f. Be a Role Model


g. Information Flow


h. Mentoring


i. Feedback


j. Defusing Skills


k. Rewards

Is this the Same Person We Hired?  

a. There are Issues with My Trainee!!


b. Toolbox for Problem Solving

Lesson Plan Development 101  

a. The Elements


b. Cover Sheet


c. Schedule (Hour by Hour)


d. Outline


e. Lesson Plan


f. Objectives


g. Perfomance Base Training


h. Testing Devices

Day 3  
The Standardized Evaluation Guidelines (SEG)  
The Daily Observation Report (DOR)  

a. The Basic Form


b. The Standardized Guideline Blocks


c. The Charting Form


d. Narrative Report of the DOR


e. The Error of Central Tendency


f. The Back of the DOR


g. Signatures


h. Completion of the DOR


i. Trainees Refusal to Sign

Changing Behavior  

a. Two Basic Pemises of Change


b. Learning and Behavior


c. Behavior Modification Theory


d. Rules of Reinforcement


e. Motivation


f. Critiquing the Trainee

The Rating Scale (The Lichert Scale)  
Practical Exercises  
Written Testing  
Evaluations and Certificates  
Instruction for Law Enforcement Officers Tuition $450 US SRR Traffic
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